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The services offered by JST Business are widely admired among the customers for their reliable, precise, effective and economical. We have appointed a team of adroit professionals, which uses all the available resources to offer our clients with best possible solutions. They maintain cordial relations with the clients to understand their specific demands and render the services accordingly. Supported by all the advanced facilities, our organization provides most reliable services and solutions.A well planned and installed computer network allows your business to run smoothly and efficiently. It helps your staff stay organized by establishing consistent procedures for the creation, storage and production of documents and other data.

Computer Networking Services

  • Backup Solutions
  • Cabling and Infrastructure
  • Network Security
  • Information Technologies
  • Network Assessment
  • Network Installation
  • Network Management
  • Network Maintenance
  • Backup Solutions
  • Network Security

Users see benefits of wireless network solution

  • National and global client interactions can run seamlessly because clients see the same real-time data you see.
  • Get a quick connection in the office, whether you’re a PC user or laptop user.
  • Share the same printer, files, backup drives and broadband Internet connection as everyone in the office.
  • Free up office space that was once filled with messy wires and cables.
  • Gain the freedom and flexibility to work where, when and how you want.
  • No need to train employees on new devices as existing mobile devices can be used.
  • Receive access to real-time data, enabling more efficient and informed decision-making.
  • Get dedicated customer support – we’re standing by 24/7 (Round the Clock Business Support) to keep you connected from anywhere in the world.

Powerful Companies in Enterprise Networking


Cisco remains the biggest single player in enterprise networking, and it’s not particularly close. The company offers one-stop shopping for almost anything you could need for your network and ensures that its products play nicely with each other. Cisco snapped up data science and analytics firm Saggeza, SD-WAN player Viptela, and won a legal battle with rival Arista over a patent lawsuit.Cisco maintains a 60% market share in the routing and switching market, according to the most recent numbers from IDC. Cisco has challengers on many fronts, some of which address their particular parts of the network more effectively than Cisco does. 


Aruba is the biggest name that isn’t named Cisco in the wireless LAN space, and the only other company to occupy the “leaders” section of Gartner Research’s latest Magic Quadrant report for wired and wireless LAN infrastructure.Aruba, acquired by HP months before the company split into two entities in late 2015, is now the wireless arm of HPE. The company’s partnering with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute for a tracking and traffic-flow optimization project that will affect the College Station campus’s 7.5 million annual riders. 


Juniper is a perennial contender and one of two big-name foils to Cisco in the data-center networking sector. Their data-center solutions are nicely integrated, well-made and generally thought to play nicer than Cisco with third-party products.Juniper was faster on the uptake than the competition was when it came to mesh networks and other next-gen network topologies, and the company’s software is particularly well-regarded, tending toward open frameworks that integrate smoothly with other parts of the network. Juniper clawed out 3.5% annual growth in the switching and routing market in 2016, according to IDC. Juniper is well-positioned to succeed in the changing enterprise networking market


Huawei hits a lot of segments in the enterprise networking market, from core networking to WLAN to WAN. (It also makes approximately everything else, including smartphones and tablets.) The company’s presence in the U.S. has been a bit constrained thanks to questions about the security of its products and its relationship to the Chinese government, but there are no such constraints in many other markets around the globe. Huawei’s looking to become a Chinese Cisco. The company is second only to Cisco in core switching and routing market share, and in third place behind Cisco and HPE/Aruba in WLAN. So it certainly seems to be on the way. Huawei’s share of the WLAN market grew 77% between 2015 and 2016, according to the latest available numbers from IDC. 


 Arista is tightly focused on data center networking, and it’s one of the top companies in the world in that area. It’s the only company to share the “leaders” quadrant with Cisco in Gartner’s core routing and switching Magic Quadrant, and within that space, its offerings are diverse and flexible. IDC says that the company’s been growing fast, to the tune of 33% in the core networking market over the course of 2016. A lot depends on the eventual fallout of Arista’s legal battle with Cisco. Like we said, the company’s been growing like a weed lately, but the courtroom setbacks are likely to slow that down significantly.

VMware’s /NSX network virtualization

Two main reasons. For one thing, there’s a good argument to be made that VMware’s virtualization and cloud products are some of the most important networking workloads out there, and that the company – owned since late 2016 by Dell/EMC – is therefore among the most influential in the enterprise networking sector. However, with its NSX network virtualization product, VMware is also directly, not indirectly, a mover and shaker in software-defined networking. Compatible with most big-name hardware, NSX lets users manage multiple cloud environments from a single console.


NetScout is a network performance monitoring and diagnostic company with a major presence in the large enterprise and service provider segments. It’s still going through some consolidation, given the 2015 deal that saw it combine with Fluke Networks, Arbor Networks and VSS Monitoring in a complicated not-actually-a-merger. NetScout announced that it had reached a milestone in the integration of its real-time information platform with Arbor’s threat-analysis tool, strengthening its network monitoring and security capabilities.


Dell’s recognized as a data-center networking “visionary” by Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant report, a fact that has everything to do with the company’s welcome of open standards and highly interoperable hardware and software.A strong value proposition for users looking to embrace more virtualized network technologies. Pretty good fit for a company that also technically owns VMware, although the latter firm still operates with a high degree of independence.

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Case Study and Work according to You by JST Business


Excellent quality of service, I would recommend JST Business to anyone who needs to avail AMC service. All the devices are in excellent condition and the support is also up to the mark. Even if there is any rare fault in any system, they got it fixed in no time or replaced the system.

Case Study and Work according to You by JST Business

Martha Brown

It can be hectic to manage devices in bulk but with JST Business AMC services, I have a peace of mind as the systems are all well operational and in excellent condition. Highly recommended!!


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