The services offered by JST Business are widely admired among the customers for their reliable, precise, effective and economical. We have appointed a team of adroit professionals, which uses all the available resources to offer our clients with best possible solutions. They maintain cordial relations with the clients to understand their specific demands and render the services accordingly. Supported by all the advanced facilities, our organization provides most reliable services and solutions.

A well planned and installed computer network allows your business to run smoothly and efficiently. It helps your staff stay organized by establishing consistent procedures for the creation, storage and production of documents and other data. Effective network infrastructure, email, and document sharing systems facilitate communication among your staff both internally and with their outside constituents. A quality network centralizes your organization’s key information resources and – with a thorough backup system – protects the products of your staff’s long hours of work from disasters such as power outages, and other emergencies.

JST Business Networking Solutions offers professional Design and Installation services designed to provide the highest quality implementation. We specialize in custom-tailoring networks to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. Whether you’re installing a new network from the ground up or upgrading your organization’s existing information technology, JST Business Networking Solutions will ensure that the result is an intelligently planned computer network. We are experienced and committed to providing a total customer care approach, available night and day, seven days a week.

Computer Networking Services:

  • Backup Solutions
  • Cabling and Infrastructure
  • Information Technologies
  • Network Assessment
  • Network Installation
  • Network Management
  • Network Maintenance
  • Network Security
  • New Technology Trends

Computer Network System cabling can be one of the more muddled parts of building an advanced IT framework. Rather than attempting to handle link spaghetti, procure an expert IT group that can spare you heaps of inconvenience and cerebral pain with regards to unraveling what can now and then be a mind boggling mess. S Computer Network System Infrastructure Technology professionals and specialists have been doing PC arrange cabling for customers in enterprises like medicinal services, instruction and distributing for a long time. Contracting a system cabling group from can guarantee the consistent task of your IT frameworks all inclusive.

An appropriately introduced link system should work productively for 10 years. We ensure the majority of our system cabling establishment for up to 10 years. Everything about the link establishment is archived and named to TIA/EIA 568 A and B Standard. TIA/EIA remains for Telecommunication Industry Association/Electronic Industries Alliance.

The purpose of this standard is to give prescribed practices to the structure and establishment of cabling frameworks that will bolster an assortment of existing and future administrations. The organization part of this standard is secured by JST Business Network Solutions, which implies we deal with documentation, marks and records. Since a multi-inhabitant business building has a future of something like 20 years – and persistent moves, augmentations and changes are inescapable – authoritative record-keeping assumes an undeniably fundamental job in the adaptability and administration of regular alterations. All PC arrange cabling done by JST Business Network Solutions is in strict keeping with TIA/EIA 568 An and B Standard and keeps up every one of the components of a cutting edge organized cabling framework.

Wireless network installation  by JST Business Network Solutions. 

If your business is feeling confined to the limited flexibility of cables and cords, go wireless with the help of JST Business Network Solutions. Wireless network installation can provide your company the mobility it needs to increase productivity and competitiveness in today’s constantly moving business world. Our wireless network installation professionals have assisted thousands of clients in numerous industries in becoming wireless. This means they have likely seen your same scenario and have provided wireless network solutions for companies just like yours. Our loyal team of technicians, project managers and engineers are not only highly qualified and trained in wireless networking technology, but are skilled in the Network Infrastructure Technology approach – meaning they deliver consistent, high quality service to every client in any location. This is uncommon in the networking business. With other IT companies, you might see your technician one day and never hear from him the next. JST Business Network Solutions is unfailing in their service and reliability, thus ensuring that any work we do is satisfaction guaranteed.

Users see benefits of wireless network solution

  • National and global client interactions can run seamlessly because clients see the same real-time data you see.
  • Get a quick connection in the office, whether you’re a PC user or laptop user.
  • Share the same printer, files, backup drives and broadband Internet connection as everyone in the office.
  • Free up office space that was once filled with messy wires and cables.
  • Gain the freedom and flexibility to work where, when and how you want.
  • No need to train employees on new devices as existing mobile devices can be used.
  • Receive access to real-time data, enabling more efficient and informed decision-making.
  • Get dedicated customer support – we’re standing by 24/7 (Round the Clock Business Support) to keep you connected from anywhere in the world.

Organizations see benefits of wireless network solution

  • Experience a decrease of costs associated with office space and cabling.
  • Notice an overall more efficient workforce as productivity rises.
  • Have more informed and productive customer meetings as data is made available in real-time.
  • See improved decision making and account management which, in turn, improves customer satisfaction.
  • Realize lifted geographical and time restrictions, providing another competitive advantage.
  • Clear, direct communication and collaboration through employee/client management applications that track time sheets and automatic invoicing all online.
  • Round out your network with our VoIP assessment, design, cabling and migration services.

Security and privacy with a wireless network solution?

A common question about wireless networks is: Will my information remain secure and private? The simple answer is: Yes. Our networking professionals take into account security and privacy at every turn. We follow a strict group of specifications developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for wireless networks. This ensures that your wireless networks are password protected and only accessible by you and your employees. This ensures your information will not collide with another network while traveling from origin to destination points, which would result in data loss. We also accommodate the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), a wireless authentication protocol based on I.D. keys and bit-encryption. Realize the benefits of a wireless network installation with JST Business Network Solutions Team.

Shifting or Relocating

When relocating to a new office, minimizing downtime is critical. Moving computer network and PCs presents a special challenge.

JST Business relocation services reduce the workload on internal staff and ensure that moving process is completed on time. There are a few questions you should consider when planning to move your computer network and workstations to a new office.

  • What would it cost your company if everyone’s personal computer went down for just one day?
  • Is there adequate cabling in the building or will it need to be installed?
  • How many network servers will you be moving? Do they need to be upgraded?
  • How many PC or workstation will you be moving? Will you be adding new workstations?
  • How many printers will you be moving? Will users be printing to a different printer in the new office?
  • How can you minimize downtime?

JST Business Network Solutions can provide your company with cabling service as well as networking to help ensure that the job will be done on time.

Powerful Companies in Enterprise Networking

JST Business Research about most powerful enterprise networking companies, which we based on our own research, consultations with trusted industry analysts and the work of our in-house journalists. For our purposes, we thought of power mostly as market share in key areas of the enterprise networking marketplace – specifically core networking, monitoring and management, WLAN and the edge, though we did consider their technology bases and important market factors as well


Cisco remains the biggest single player in enterprise networking, and it’s not particularly close. The company offers one-stop shopping for almost anything you could need for your network and ensures that its products play nicely with each other.

Cisco snapped up data science and analytics firm Saggeza, SD-WAN player Viptela, and won a legal battle with rival Arista over a patent lawsuit.

Cisco maintains a 60% market share in the routing and switching market, according to the most recent numbers from IDC.

Cisco has challengers on many fronts, some of which address their particular parts of the network more effectively than Cisco does. But nobody can claim to offer the same breadth of solutions as enterprise networkings.

HPE/ Aruba

Aruba is the biggest name that isn’t named Cisco in the wireless LAN space, and the only other company to occupy the “leaders” section of Gartner Research’s latest Magic Quadrant report for wired and wireless LAN infrastructure.

Aruba, acquired by HP months before the company split into two entities in late 2015, is now the wireless arm of HPE

The company’s partnering with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute for a tracking and traffic-flow optimization project that will affect the College Station campus’s 7.5 million annual riders.

Aruba’s been pushing into the core switching market, releasing new hardware to go with its ArubaOS-CX operating system, which it bills as an all-in-one solution for visibility and management for an increasingly IoT-heavy enterprise network.


Juniper is a perennial contender and one of two big-name foils to Cisco in the data-center networking sector. Their data-center solutions are nicely integrated, well-made and generally thought to play nicer than Cisco with third-party products.

Juniper was faster on the uptake than the competition was when it came to mesh networks and other next-gen network topologies, and the company’s software is particularly well-regarded, tending toward open frameworks that integrate smoothly with other parts of the network.

Juniper clawed out 3.5% annual growth in the switching and routing market in 2016, according to IDC. Juniper is well-positioned to succeed in the changing enterprise networking market


Huawei hits a lot of segments in the enterprise networking market, from core networking to WLAN to WAN. (It also makes approximately everything else, including smartphones and tablets.) The company’s presence in the U.S. has been a bit constrained thanks to questions about the security of its products and its relationship to the Chinese government, but there are no such constraints in many other markets around the globe.

Huawei’s looking to become a Chinese Cisco. The company is second only to Cisco in core switching and routing market share, and in third place behind Cisco and HPE/Aruba in WLAN. So it certainly seems to be on the way.

Huawei’s share of the WLAN market grew 77% between 2015 and 2016, according to the latest available numbers from IDC. 

It’s hard to pick against a company that’s trending up as sharply as Huawei across critical enterprise networking market segments. Huawei’s struggles to break into the lucrative U.S. market may not go away, but given its rate of success elsewhere, it may not matter that much. 


 Arista is tightly focused on data center networking, and it’s one of the top companies in the world in that area. It’s the only company to share the “leaders” quadrant with Cisco in Gartner’s core routing and switching Magic Quadrant, and within that space, its offerings are diverse and flexible.

 IDC says that the company’s been growing fast, to the tune of 33% in the core networking market over the course of 2016.

 A lot depends on the eventual fallout of Arista’s legal battle with Cisco. Like we said, the company’s been growing like a weed lately, but the courtroom setbacks are likely to slow that down significantly.

VMware’s /NSX network Virtualization

Two main reasons. For one thing, there’s a good argument to be made that VMware’s virtualization and cloud products are some of the most important networking workloads out there, and that the company – owned since late 2016 by Dell/EMC – is therefore among the most influential in the enterprise networking sector.

However, with its NSX network virtualization product, VMware is also directly, not indirectly, a mover and shaker in software-defined networking. Compatible with most big-name hardware, NSX lets users manage multiple cloud environments from a single console.

IDC figures show that VMware accounts for $646 million in annual cloud management systems software revenue, almost double the amount of IBM, its closest competition.

There’s something Cisco-esque about VMware, even if its ubiquity isn’t so focused on the enterprise network itself. Its core technology means that it’s going to be a company many networking pros will have to deal with for the foreseeable future.


NetScout is a network performance monitoring and diagnostic company with a major presence in the large enterprise and service provider segments. It’s still going through some consolidation, given the 2015 deal that saw it combine with Fluke Networks, Arbor Networks and VSS Monitoring in a complicated not-actually-a-merger.

NetScout announced that it had reached a milestone in the integration of its real-time information platform with Arbor’s threat-analysis tool, strengthening its network monitoring and security capabilities.

NetScout isn’t as much of a household name as some of the others on this list, but it’s a powerhouse company with a big user base and a lot of well-regarded tech. It still needs to make progress on integration, but the future looks pretty solid.


Dell’s recognized as a data-center networking “visionary” by Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant report, a fact that has everything to do with the company’s welcome of open standards and highly interoperable hardware and software.

A strong value proposition for users looking to embrace more virtualized network technologies. Pretty good fit for a company that also technically owns VMware, although the latter firm still operates with a high degree of independence.

Dell’s using both its investments in VMware and its own open networking gear to offer an attractive option to companies that want to get into advanced technologies like hyper converged infrastructure.

IT FMS (IT Facility Management Services)

Our IT FMS services helps businesses to enhance, safe, control and help their mission-essential infrastructure for customers to align IT Programs targets and plans with venture technique to provide solutions that generate business method including enhancing the dependability, accessibility and operation of the datacenter, network and security infrastructure.

Organizations who are progressively looking to improve productivity, which needs careful orchestration of how Information technology interacts with business programs and enterprise applications. We can assist, empowering one to free resources to concentrate on strategic initiatives like Reducing IT infrastructure expenses, Improve end user productivity by reducing downtime & Optimize IT productivity.

We also help businesses in  mergers, acquisitions, solvency, downsizing, restructuring of IT infrastructure.

Helpdesk Management

JST offers on-Site helpdesk services where we Provide single point of contact to all the users IT support requirements. We give support to users including call-logging, call-execution, Vendor follow-up, Vendor dispatch, call escalation & end-users notification. We also provide assistance for problems pertaining to operational procedures for the processing environments. Our service deliverables includes Call tracking & call closure, Escalation of the critical issues to appropriate IT Management and Managing vendor related follow-ups.

Desktop Management

Our DM service deliverables includes Diagnosis & elimination of faults at the end-user site, Train & update the users with proper guidance incase of any errors, Proactively take corrective actions incase required during Preventive Maintenance of Desktop/Hardware Devices. Apart from this we also help them in software (OS/anti-virus etc.) installation and configuration and client applications installation and configuration, Periodic upgrades of Anti-virus software on desktops/laptops at the client site.

Network Management

We help our clients in Establishing & administrating End-to-end connectivity upto user-desktops or other devices. We provide appropriate access control as per the policies & guidelines set by the IT administrative team. Additional services in this domain includes Vendor liaisoning & co-ordination with Broadband Service provider for Internet Connectivity Via broadband, ISDN, Providing Network Documentation including Document network, patch panel configuration changes and maintaining latest network configuration and topology diagrams. Last but not the least we also configure and maintain network devices like Switches, Routers, Modem.

 Server Management

Our Server management services includes:

  • Establishing & administrating server hardware and operating system
  • Maintaining Mail Server for smooth mailing operation.
  • Providing appropriate access control as per the policies & guidelines set by the Management.
  • Provide Server related documentation – Document server OS configuration changes
  • Carry out user-level MAC (Move-Add-Change) operations on the various servers
  • Ensure optimum performance of the server hardware and OS by regular monitoring Patch updating and documentation

Vendor Management

We help in Managing of third party vendors for clients in resolving the system related problems & to ensure compliance with the service commitments by Creating a Vendor database to manage & escalate issues. Coordinating with third party vendors for maintenance & installation, Following-up with vendors in case of hardware/software problem resolution Ø Track inventory of any items sent for repairs & follow up for replacement (Spares Management).

IT-Asset Management

We help businesses in Proper identification, tracking & control of all IT related assets Deliverables by Preparing Installation reports for all IT Assets, Maintaining all IT Asset Records with respect to Warranty details, Contracts, Configurations, Serial-No’s, Make, Date of Installation, Date of Maintenance etc. Apart from this we also assist our clients in Recording & updating all the changes in the Asset Details as and when it occurs. Our Asset management service covers Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Printers, and Networking equipment like Switches, Routers, Firewall etc

 Disaster Management Services

To ensure uptime of the IT Infrastructure and to minimize down time at the time of disaster we provide the following services:

  • Follow backup procedure as define by the management.
  • Monitoring the back up of all important data like database, File Server, Mails, as per design routine.
  • Periodically verifying the backup for data reliability.
  • Maintaining and updating library of all the device drivers require for Operating system configuration, device configuration etc.
  • Monitoring of event log files for any abnormalities and to initiate action accordingly.

Our HelpDesk Management services provides single window for all your service or support requests. We aim to streamline all your IT support requirements and also mange your assets accordingly. We believe in first call resolution and hence strive to train and develop our support team likewise.

24X7X365 Availability– Dedicated Call Center based out in Noida for round the clock client assistance.

Multilingual Support– Support available in Hindi, English, Punjabi and Malayalam.

Robust Support Platform– Consists of chat, voice call and web ticket service requests.

Beyond Bounderies– Service available for all of India, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Srilanka, Singapore and UAE.

We provide a standardized process including IT Helpdesk for your end-user environment. Our 24×7 support services include desktop management, OS management, office automation applications, business applications, troubleshooting LAN issues and IT technical support services.

Our state of the art technology and predictable, repeatable workflow processes will lead to distinct improvement in customer satisfaction levels

You can use us to be the first point of contact for your employees and/or customers to handle technical issues, resolve problems, and escalate those things that can’t be resolved at the help desk. You can have a toll-free number, a web portal, one or more email addresses, or CHAT to have your employees or customers reach the help desk.

Tier System Definition

Tier 1 Support: Tier 1 provides basic software application and/or hardware support to callers.

Tier 2 Support: Tier 2 provides more complex support and/or subject matter expertise on software applications and/or hardware and is usually an escalation of the call from Tier 1.

Tier 3 Support: Tier 3 provides support on complex hardware and network operating system software and usually involves certified systems engineers. Call lengths on Tier 3 vary widely depending upon the type of incident.

You can brand the greeting, have our agents answer with your own answer script, and seamlessly integrate the help desk with the other support groups in your organization. You can use the Internet to access our call tracking system, setup notifications, and receive monthly reports that will give you a clear picture of what’s going on with your support from start to finish.

We guarantee our service levels because we get financially penalized if we don’t meet your Service Levels each month. Our predictable, repeatable processes not only bring stability to your environment, but when coupled with guaranteed service levels they lead to distinct improvement in your customer satisfaction levels.

Unlike many of today’s top-ranked help desk outsource vendors, who use a one-size-fits-all approach, and have been inconsistent in reaching their contract goals, our relationship management guarantees a flexible contract and help desk service level management that exceeds today’s best industry practices.

​​Our service features includes:-

  • Round the clock availability.
  • Self Service Portal.
  • Automated and customized  reporting.
  • Local Language Support.
  • SLA based support.
  • Proactive System Monitoring available.
  • Fixed cost for better budget planning.
  • Diverse expertise available

To refresh your system cabling to consent to national principles, call JST Business Network Solutions at 900-263-0170 today.