Comprehensive Computer AMC Services Terms & Conditions

Comprehensive Computer AMC Services Terms & Conditions

Comprehensive Computer AMC Service and Non-Comprehensive Computer AMC Service and

At JST Business Solutions, we are experts in assessing the needs of our customers and providing technical assistance for desktop as well as Laptop units that will improve productivity in a business as Computer AMC Services.

We product yearlong maintenance services for Traditional desktopsSmall /ultra-small factor desktopsTower/mini-towersAll-in-one desktops, and Workstations.

We maintain Computer  AMC Services Contracts with enterprise level corporate as well as small and medium businesses and our diverse experience allows us to deliver customer centric services with the best technology possible. Our team comprises of certified field engineers capable of troubleshooting and fixing computer issues to ensure your business does not get a hit due to any hardware failure. With expertise in cross-platform computers and complex technology, we can manage: Prompt, reliable and doorstep Computer AMC Services services.

Your IT ecosystem completely relies on the hardware components you use for your business. It is very important for these hardware devices to get serviced on time. We provide both Comprehensive Computer AMC Services and Non-Comprehensive Computer AMC Services for businesses. We also provide sufficient backup equipment and spares to ensure no downtime for your business.

We guarantee quick response and solutions for our customers to ensure high uptime and productivity for your IT systems.

JST Business is leaders in the Comprehensive Computer AMC Services includes parts & service
Non-Comprehensive Computer AMC Services only service is provided
Resident engineer is provided with onsite support 365 days. We are proud to offer friendly, fast and reliable service throughout India at an affordable price. We believe in a friendly approach to our business model. When you work with us you can be assured that you will have a certified technician with years of experience working on your computer or network. Unlike many other companies, we will explain the problem and the solution in a language you can understand. We offer both Comprehensive Computer AMC Services and
Non-Comprehensive Computer AMC Services as well as Remote Computer Support nationwide to suit your budget and needs.

Scope of Work:

The AMC for the computers and peripherals shall be for a period of one year from the date of contract signing. This Comprehensive AMC includes physical components of all equipment’s mentioned in the devices list above.

Maintenance service consists of both preventive and corrective maintenance, where Preventive maintenance will be done once in every three months apart from any number of breakdown calls.

Note: – The necessary software drivers, original software CDs or set ups for the machines should be made available by the Client.

To provide Comprehensive AMC Support services for the devices mentioned below.

The maintenance of operating systems, software installation, installation of patches, pre-emptive actions against virus spread, detection / removal of virus, configuration of internet, configuration of applications (client/server) and client applications, Troubleshooting, Assembling and upgrading the PCs

Maintenance of all software already installed in the personal computers and peripherals and the software to be installed at later stage. Providing basic training on the use of PC to user, (if required).

The contract will be on comprehensive basis and the maintenance includes replacement of each and every malfunctioning part of Desktop PCs, printers and related items like Hard Disk, CD/DVD Reader/Writer, Motherboard, SMPS, processor, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer Heads, display card, all types of cable and Our First Priority is to Be Repaired of Part’s.

The exclusions are mentioned in the “What is not covered? Section below.

  1. Physical Damage
  2. Burned 
  3. Disaster Data Recovery Services (If Hardware is dead)

We always suggest to Our Client take the Backup of Important Data Every Single day by using Google Drive or Backup Devices.

Note: Sometime it’s not possible to arrange same make of part, so we will replaced with our existing stock and System’s.

  1. a) The breakdown calls will be attended on the same business day if the Service Request is raised prior to 2 PM Noon. Any incident or service request raised after 2 PM will be attended on the next business day, however “Service Provider” will try to furnish the request on the same day on a “Best Effort” Basis.
  2. b) If any machine is required to be taken to the workshop, Risk of transportation to & from the workshop shall be that of the “Service Provider (JST Business)”.
  3. c) Data recovery from crashed machines / provision of standby machine with due data swapping is not covered in this AMC Support Service. In case of any situation where Data Recovery is required will be charged separately depending on the data to be recovered.
  4. d) All components replaced by “Service Provider” will be of equivalent or higher capacity and quality.
  5. e) All devices older than 4 (Four) years will be repaired or maintained only on best effort basis.

Initial Handover and Data Availability

Client will provide all the data requested by “Service Provider” during the initial Asset Handover including the serial number of all the devices covered in the AMC Support, Office addresses & contact information, third party Vendor contact information.

Client will also provide all necessary information, documents and data for the execution of the work during the AMC Support Contract period as in when required. No availability of the information may lead to interruption of the work.

Only the machines in working condition will be a part of the contract.

 Force Majeure

Service Provider will not be responsible for interruptions and / or delays or stoppage of work due to acts of God, Government, statutory authority, violence, strikes, civil commotion, war, floods, or other causes of Force Majeure which may impact on the execution of the Project


Both the Service Provider and the Client will maintain the confidentiality of any information provided by the other Party under the said offer and during project execution.


Service provider does not cover any other service apart from the services mentioned in the scope of work section.

Statutory Requirements

In case any statutory & regulatory issues can impact the security solution or any other aspect of the Service/project then the Client has to inform the Service provider in a written/Documented format in advance.

Termination of Contract

The contract can be terminated by either parties by giving 30 Days prior notice. The contract will be also terminated after the completion of the contract period mentioned above.

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